Saturday, 26 April 2008

Final major project

So...i thought i would start to write on here as i wish to whilst im at uni to keep the rents updated with my work and life lol!
I have very little time of my FMP left now and the thought that its getting massively closer is making me feel sick...i have so much to do:

  • Create a box with all of my contextual information in
    -Create a hard copy of my contextual work as well as an alternative copy to go into the box
    -How shall i create the box?Pom Poms?Knitting?create paper?
  • Continue with designs...create at least one A1 sheet full of designs for the final garment. Ideas for designs using scraps:
    -a corset that is joined at the seams wityh zips...layers of clothing
    - To get the highest grade i need top think about how the garment can change...removeable parts etc...could the skirt be removed?
    -Knitted Skirt...use the riboon...print on it first ans then knit, with size 15/20mm needles...experiment
    - Create a corset out of joining the ribbon together
    ~experiment with new techniquies...aqua bond, bondaweb, iron on fabric or simply spray glue

I aim to complete all this by monday as then i only have 2 weeks to finish my final garnment!

I also discovered yesterday that shining a light through knitwear designs creates a awesome looks and atmosphere...i shall experiment with this further and then decide whether to incorporate this idea in my final show!

To brighten up this boring blog, here are a few images of this project....

Gosh the photographs are taking simply ages to come up!


A pom pom...i know the whole pom pom thing is a little random and slightly childish but i wante d to create a sphere out of wool and this obviously made tons of sence!

ballls...i have to go from work so the picture versiousion of my project shall be uploaded another day:)


Saturday, 19 April 2008

first entry!

i have a blog again:)